The Laynee Restorative Breathing Method™ was developed by Lois Laynee to generate a natural pure energy source to help you have a healthier and more fulfilled life, regardless of your age or gender. Think of the life improving possibilities that are within your reach with just four easy movements. Our mission is to share information and support each person at every stage of life to breathe, sleep, move and thrive, through the philosophy and physiology of Restorative Breathing!


  • Laynee Restorative Breathing Method™
  • L.O.I.S. Breathing™


L.O.I.S. Breathing™ is an integration of East meets West, blending neurophysiology with cranial facial development, to provide the opportunity to experience less stress immediately, through the power of Oxygen. While the Laynee restorative breathing method does not treat any medical condition, we support your natural physiology to create learning, healing, and most important, a thriving life. Four gentle movement patterns are accomplished in 60 seconds or less!


Added with Z Health breathing drills to help you navigate life with more stamina and less stress.
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