About us

Donna Freeman, LNT, NKT, MAT

Expert in Chiropractic Treatment

Donna Freeman offers a range of therapeutic massage services, assess and correction of dysfunctional movement patterns and correctional exercise. She holds certifications and training as a Z-Health specialist, LMT, corrective exercise specialist, restorative breathing,  Gait correction, Myoskeletal alignment technique , Medicupping, FAKTR, & PRRT,

“I have been located in Bellaire, TX for over 17 years where I extended my education and knowledge base in many massage techniques including Deep Tissue,  Therapeutic Massage,  Sports Massage, Muscle Testing, NKT, FMS, Restorative Breathing, Anatomy in Motion, Medicupping, Corrective Exercise, Dynamic Stretching, Muscle Release, Trigger Point, Muscle Stripping. Z Health. Reflexology”

Donna tailors her appointment time to meet each individual’s unique needs. Donna Freeman offers over fourteen years of hands on experience and a combined total of over 1300 hours of instruction.

We Offer Different Treatment to your Pain
  • Head Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Whiplash
  • 24 -Hours Emergency Services
  • Uniformed, Licensed Plumbers
  • No Travel Charges
  • Licensed and Insured

What our clients Say

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place. This is actually my first Yelp Review ever. I have been a client of Donna's for about 2 or 3 years. My body and breathing have never been better. I recommend Donna to everyone I know that is in pain and is looking to feel better. Donna has an amazing tool box. In other words, her expertise and training are one of a kind. I trust Donna when my body does not feel well. I know I will immediately feel better when I'm in her care. The new location is super cozy and welcoming

Norman S

Houston, TX

This is not a basic massage. This is pure Body Work! Donna is highly educated and wants to share her passion with you to help you feel your best. I have always left feeling better than when I got there. Nice, peaceful office space and she listens to you. I highly recommend her!

Kelly P

Bellaire, TX

Two visits to orthopedic surgeon for tennis elbow, got shots, lasted a few days. Still couldn't hold a glass of water.  Donna worked me over and i was at 90% after first treatment,  two weeks later I had another and was cured. She does great deep tissue massage and other kinetic stuff I don't understand but does wonders.

John C

Houston, TX

I've gone to several massage therapists and Donna is the best you will find!  She is one of the most educated therapists I know.  She knows her craft well, and will help cure your ailments with all the techniques she knows.  She takes the time to get to the root of your problem and solve it. If you are having any issues with pain, go see Donna!  You won't regret it.

Amisha D

Bellaire, TX

Donna not only provides an incredible massage, she also gives amazing tips for healing. Would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling with ongoing pain. She's a rockstar!

Sarah M

Houston, TX

I no longer live in Houston, but every time I come to visit family one of the first things I do is see if she has any availability. She has so much knowledge about misalignment and other muscular-skeletal problems and is constantly refining her technique by attending workshops and seminars.Her massages are excellent for dancers, athletes, etc. Every time I visit her I not only walk out with my whole body feeling "fixed" but also with a better understanding of what is causing my problems and daily exercises to fix them. If you are looking for a truly transformative experience, go see Donna!!

Lauren L


Donna does GREAT WORK. She is extremely knowledgeable about how the different systems of the body (e.g., nervous, muscle, lymphatic) relate and she is passionate about healing and teaching. I booked a deep tissue massage here after a weekend learning about anatomy through my yoga teacher training, and I am so happy I did. If one visit is transformative, I am confident multiple visits are revolutionary. I cannot praise Bellaire Massage Therapy enough, and I plan to go back many times.

Michelle B

Houston, TX