NatraCure Vibrating Massage Ball Roller Pliability Sphere – Deep Tissue Trigger Point Massager Ball for Muscle Roller Mobility Ball Therapy, Lacrosse & Yoga Ball Therapy, Myofascial Release Tool


  • 💆‍ Long-Lasting, High Quality – Our rechargeable wireless muscle roller ball is made from high-quality, lightweight, easy to clean silicone that will provide years of relief from muscle soreness. At only 3.5” inches in diameter, our muscle therapy massager is portable and will fit into any purse, backpack, gym or yoga bag! Charger included!
  • 💆‍ Pick Your Intensity – Our vibrating massage electric ball has 4 levels of intensity and a 10-minute timer for personalized, targeted relief. With varying intensity, our vibrating pliability sphere is the perfect gym or yoga accessory that is ideal for warming up, relieving sore, tight muscles or improving circulation.
  • 💆‍ Targeted Muscle Therapy – Our massager therapy ball has raised bumps that help you target deep tissue muscle groups with high intensity vibration for a powerful trigger point treatment massage. Ideal for muscle groups both big and small! Our vibrating ball is even great as a hand massage therapy ball as gifts and gadgets for Parkinson’s patients.
  • 💆‍ Replace Your Foam Roller – No need for that larger, bulky foam roller! Instead, use our smaller travel sized massager for a deep tissue massage all over your body. Ideal for the following uses: as a foot massager for plantar fasciitis and arch pain, glute massage ball, occipital and myofascial release tools for your back, hands, piriformis and hamstrings, hip flexor release tool, fitness massage, yoga ball massage, and trigger point massage therapy treatment.
  • 🌱 NatraCure – We are a family-owned business located in Easton, PA that has designed top-notch recovery solutions for the professional healthcare market for 20+ years. We design better health and wellness solutions for every part of your body. If you’re not completely, thoroughly and ridiculously satisfied for any reason at all, we’ll make it right…and that’s a promise!