Global Healing Center Acid Reflux Relief Organic Liquid Supplement W/Slippery Elm – Helps Upset Stomach, Heartburn, Indigestion – Supports Body’s Defense Against Digestive Issues – 2 Fl oz



  • Heartburn Relief – Acid reflux causes stomach acid to travel up through the esophagus resulting in the feelings of heartburn. We use apple cider vinegar, slippery elm, chamomile, marshmallow, ginger, and more to bring you indigestion relief safely.
  • Upset Stomach Relief – Organic ingredients like aloe, marshmallow root, and meadowleaf work to protect and soothe the mucous membrane of the digestive system. These potent herbs are known for their soothing effects on the stomach and digestive tract.
  • Supports Healthy Intestinal Function – Known as the “king of digestive herbs,” slippery elm bark is extremely rich in mucilage, the active ingredient that soothes and nourishes the digestive tract against gastritis. An acid reducer for all adults.
  • Fast-Acting Liquid Formula – The most common heartburn relief is in the form of a chewable tablet or lozenge but our Acid Reflux Relief is a natural, liquid solution that works gently and quickly. Get the natural relief that helps from the source.
  • Manufactured In The USA – Our Acid Reflux Relief is manufactured in our own, state-of-the-art cGMP certified facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We pride ourselves on quality, which is why all bottles come with a 30-day guarantee, produced here in the USA.